Hoe easyBuilder helps to generate different work progress and EMI reports.


Reports can actually save time and money of builder and can bring a paradigm shift in the company. This functionality of easyBuilder gives the correct picture of the present scenario to the builder. In this module, these detailed reports are very simple, accurate and exhaustive which can be seen on a daily, date-wise or monthly basis. Every report in easyBuilder ensures proper control for better and effective supervision.

The key reports easyBuilder facilitates are:

Daily Work-sheets:

These reports consist of an in-depth overview of work progress done in all the work categories. The Builders just need to select a work category and they will be able to access the workflow report for that particular day.

Date wise Reports:

These reports comprise date-wise reports for classifications like Voucher details, Consumption reports, Payment details, Purchase Order Reports, Inward Reports. These reports help builder to get an idea about inventory consumption & residual status and also give a comprehensive payment overview.

Month Wise Reports:

Builder can access month wise reports for the above classifications mentioned in the Date wise reports.

Residual Stock Reports:

These reports consist of present remaining inventory data so that builders can plan to send purchase orders for the specific inventory item for smooth and uninterrupted operations.

EMI Reports:

A builder can administer EMI reports for all members with payment, EMI date, pay date and late fee amount. It gives a summation of all the due or paid payments for all members.

Member wise EMI Reports:

If a builder wants to look up for a particular member’s EMI status, just select the member’s name and click on “General Report” and report for that individual member will be generated.

An Overview of Reports