How easyBuilder handles Customer Inquiries and Sales Management.

Inquiry & Sales Management

easyBuilder helps builders manage prospective customer inquiries and maintains records so that individual builder can use it in the future for marketing purpose. Sometimes customers start pouring to the construction sites before the actual construction starts and maintaining that data for each customer is a difficult task. easyBuilder empowers builders to maintain these customers inquiries effectively and with zero inaccuracy. It also enables builders to activate or deactivate the inquiry status based on customer responsiveness.

Furthermore, suppose a customer comes just for an inquiry but likes particular property and makes his/ her mind to make an initial payment, easyBuilder qualifies this inquiry into membership. It helps builders to distinguish genuine customers.

This module contains the records of all active members’ personal information, submitted proofs and payment schedule like status & mode of payment.

In sales management, easyBuilder helps builders to keep an up-to-date statistics about particular customer’s payment and loan details systematically. It also aids to manage date-wise complete EMI records with pending status of individual members if they have chosen the loan option to buy the property. A builder can track any payment information of any individual customer by just a couple of clicks.

Also, a builder can generate and save Banakhat and sales deed documents for each buyer with easyBuilder.

An Overview of Inquiry & Sales Management