How easyBuilder enables in dealing with vendor management, Inventory and Payment Scheduling.

Inventory & Payments

Inventory management is highly important and at the same time, very complex thing to deal with, in the construction industry. The accurate Inventory management for multiple sites has been always the main constraint for the builders. It is an arduous task to manage inventory and payment scheduling effectively for each site. It is a time consuming process and needs more manpower too. easyBuilder makes the whole inventory and the payment scheduling process simple and effective after years of research and interactions with builders.

Below are the main functionalities of easyBuilder:

Vendor Management:

For one site, there will have multiple vendors. easyBuilder helps to manage each vendor separately. The Builder can add and/or edit particular details of vendors and proprietors and what inventory items they supply. By just a few clicks, a builder can access complete track record of vendors.

Moreover, easyBuilder also assists builders to maintain payment scheduling for every single vendor unconnectedly. A builder can maintain records of advance payments made to the vendors and proprietors.

Purchase Order:

easyBuilder facilitates builders to add and/ or uphold purchase orders to various vendors. Also, they can keep the eye on whether the order is received fully or partly. For the received inventory, builders can generate invoices for individual vendors.

This process flow helps builders to make the construction process faster and continuous due to inventory mismanagement.

Vouchers and other expenses:

If any miscellaneous expenses occur, builders can generate vouchers to keep records for those expenses. For example, daily wages for laborers or stationary expenses for construction office.

Other expenses:

In this category, builders can record expenses which require generating invoices and are different than vendors. For example: value added services prerequisite from clients.


Inventory consumption overview for daily basis is very important for builders. easyBuilder helps builders to maintain inventory consumption. easyBuilder shows total used and remaining inventory details so that they can order the inventory in advance for uninterrupted construction process.

Item Master:

Here, Builders can add the entire inventory items they use in the construction process with status like inward or inward- consumption. Inward means items which do not need to maintain consumption records. Inward-Consumption means items which require maintaining consumption records.

An Overview of Inventory & Payments