HOW easyBuilder WORKS

Master (User Interface):

Mater or User Interface upholds the complete data management for the portal. This facilitation can be used only by the main owner or builder of the site. Builders can fill the details about all the required data related to company profile, sites, property and flats allocations etc. Let’s discuss it one by one.

The key reports easyBuilder facilitates are:

Site Profile:

Here, builders can add/ edit the company details and other necessary information like project details.

Sales Master:

Builders can add some sales statistics here which ultimately helps them in EMI calculations and payment scheduling of members later on.
Statistics like rate per square yard, VAT (Value Added Tax), Stamp Duty, Service Tax etc. can be recorded and saved here.


Here, builders can add complete construction scheme as how many towers in project, numbers of floors per tower, number of flats per floor etc. This data is recorded and saved here and then can be utilized in some key aspects management like work progress, flat allotment to customers etc.


Builders can set their detailed property information here with additional facts like maintenance charges, other municipal charges and also can edit it.

Property Type:

Builders can define number of property types by selecting property detail and square yard details. For e.g. - 1BHK-80 SQ.YARD or 2BHK- 115 SO.-YARD.

Main Master:

In main master, builders can perform flat allocation and flat configurations as per the property types. This information then will be utilized in customer inquiry and sales management and work progress.

Loan Documents:

Here, builders can add or remove number of loan documents needed when a customer elect loan option.

An Overview of Reports